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So far in 2022 - New clients, new team members and better security

So far we have had a great year at Enuit, we have signed multiple new deals globally, have increased our team members in every office, have completed very strict security measures and have been awarded the Winner of Integrated CTRM vendor by Chartis Research.

We are passionate about building a secure environment both internally and for Enuit hosted or self-hosted clients.

The below certifications affirms our long-standing commitment to data security practices. Customers can trust Enuit to secure, control, and efficiently manage sensitive data.



­Below are a select few deals based on commodity type that we have won in 2022. Each of which had a complete front-to-back ETRM/CTRM solution implemented.



­New deals for team Houston

Full CTRM implementation for a company that develops and operates on-farm dairy RNG projects, sources and markets RNG to supply fuel to some of the country’s largest fleet customers, and partners with dairy farmers across the U.S. to bring more ultra-low CI gas to market. They operate several of the country’s largest on- farm facilities producing millions of gallons of 100% renewable transportation fuel every year.

Full CTRM solution for a global, multi-strategy institution made up of over 800 investment professionals across all major financial centers. Their investment platform spans across multiple strategies: Equities Long/Short, Macro, Equities Arbitrage, Credit, Commodities and Growth Equity.

­Front-to-back solution for a proprietary trading firm that trades financial instruments in the U.S. and internationally, including fixed income, energy, agricultural and equity index futures and options. This firm applies modeling, technology and quantitative research to identify opportunities in the global financial markets which has made them one of the leaders in global markets.

­In addition to the above new deals, expansion and volatilities in the global commodities markets have created opportunities that Enuit clients are taking advantage of.

To ensure they have the right tools to do so, several clients have upgraded to the newest version of Entrade, added additional seats and a couple have upgraded their functionality to manage renewables and other commodities as they diversify accordingly.



New deals for team China


ETRM implementation supporting LPG for one of the global leading chemical products suppliers. Its subsidiary is one of the largest polyurethane manufacturers in the world.

World-class CTRM solution for an A-share listed subsidiary of one of the earliest Chinese companies that ranked among the Global 500 by Fortune magazine. The company mainly offers LPG, iron ore, coke, etc, and distributes its products within the domestic and overseas markets.


Risk management engine for an A-share listed group engaged in energy, metals trading, and supply chain with a comprehensive business system covering trading, warehousing, processing and distribution, logistics, supply chain finance, etc. Its parent company was ranked within the top 100 companies in Fortune Global 500 companies in 2021.


2 Independent risk management consulting projects for Chinese leading energy trading companies, helping them apply the best practices for building their risk management programs.


New deals for Singapore and Japan team

­Full ETRM solution for one of the major oil and gas producers and distributors in APAC, as well as a significant player in the global oil and gas industry. They are engaged in a wide range of activities related to oil, gas and new energy, and sustainably provide energy and oil products for economic and social development.

­Full ETRM implementation for one of largest natural gas utilities in Japan who are quickly moving towards support for decarbonization, digitalization, diversification of customer, and deregulation in the energy market.


Just like our US clients, our APAC clients are also taking advantage of the volatility in the current market, by adding additional services and licences to their existing contracts.

Some of these clients include two of our existing clients in China: one of the largest clean energy distributors, entering into phase III, and the other is a leading traditional energy trading SOE, entering into phase V.

Including, one of the largest general trading companies in Japan and a company in Singapore who's principal activity is wholesale of fuels and related products including metals and metal ores.



New deals for team Europe


Complete front-to-back CTRM solution for a Turkish firm that specializes in the market- ing and trading of petroleum, petroleum products, fertilizers and other raw materials globally. This company has 24 offices around the world, including in important trade market locations such as Dubai, Switzerland, England, Singapore, United States and China.

Full ETRM implementation for one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe. This client supplies electricity, gas, water and energy solutions and energy industry services to around 5.5 million customers. They are also expanding their geographical radius to break into new markets with selected international partners.


Front-to-back solution for a subsidiary of a global energy business that encompasses natural gas supply and marketing activities in South-East Asia and Europe; and global LNG trading, shipping and optimisation; as well as energy hedging and financial solutions.






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