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Front Office

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Middle Office

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Back Office

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Supply Chain



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Why Entrade?

Commodity Management

In 2019, ENUIT® decided to build into the core ENTRADE® system the functionality to support an entire business from front to back, including all aspects related to their Enterprise Resource Planning.

This led to the creation of ENTRADE® Unite, one of the few solutions to incorporate all the aspects of a Commodity Trading Risk Management system and all the aspects of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution directly in its core, in a single platform without cumbersome modules to enable integration and mapping from one system to another.

ENTRADE® Unite has the potential to deliver significant benefits in the form of enhanced visibility, analysis, insights, and decision making for any market participant.

ComTech Advisory, the leading CTRM analyst firm, defines Commodity Management as the superset of software solutions that encompasses CTRM and ERP for Commodities where:

1) ERP for Commodities naturally focuses on physical commodities and emphasizes production / procurement / origination, movement, storage, and handling of bulk and packaged commodities. This will usually include contract management, procurement, production, logistics, inventory management, assays/chemical analysis, pricing and fixation, hedging, settlements, and accounting. The primary users of this type of software are producers, industrial consumers, and processers.

2) CTRM will have a trade-centric design with a focus on capturing and tracking both physical and financial trades, with configurable book and reporting structures, position calculation and valuation, PnL, and various aspects of risk, including market and credit risk. The primary users of CTRM software are traders and merchants.

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