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Front Office

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Middle Office

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Back Office

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Supply Chain



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Why Entrade?

Entrade for CTRM / ETRM

Commodity and energy trading, transaction, and risk management (ETRM/CTRM) software is that category of software that supports the business processes associated with trading energy and broader commodities.

Supporting the front office with deal capture and position management, the middle office with managing and reporting various risk exposures as a result of trading activities, and the back office with settlements and accounting functions.

ETRM/CTRM systems usually include a scheduling or logistics management component to allow companies to plan, track, manage, and account for products that are physically moved from their source to some point of usage.

ENTRADE® is your energy and commodity trade management (ETRM/CTRM) solution, whatever you trade, wherever you trade. Its universal deal manager and risk engine ensure that all of your trading activities can be well managed within one system, with one architecture, on one trade management platform. ENTRADE® also provides industry- and market segment-specific logistics management forms and reports, which consider the nuances of the specific logistical requirements of each commodity. 

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