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ETRM and CTRM Customization

We can provide custom software development for new ETRM/CTRM projects. Contact us and let us know what your needs are. Because of our experience with developing information databases, we can help you to quickly resolve your information system concerns with minimum cost.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

Enuit’s ETRM/CTRM solution, ENTRADE®, can be easily configured to reach into many sources of data simultaneously to generate reportable information, with no massive investment in data warehousing projects and system interfaces required.

Application Data Security

ENTRADE® can implement form-based access security and row-level database security for any form or data table within its application’s purview.

Pivot Table Reporting

ENTRADE® end-user reporting makes getting information out of Entrade easy. ENTRADE® presents reporting data in a pivot table format so that the data can be filtered, analyzed, sorted, and even exported to CSV/XML file formats.

Application Form Generator

With a little training and instruction, even non-programmers can develop new application forms within ENTRADE® without having to write a single line of program code.





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Services and Support

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