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Why Entrade?

PRODUCT FEATURES - Out-of-the-box enhanced functionalities

Commodity trading is a dynamic, ever-changing business. Each facet of a business operation needs to consume large amounts of information to perform its function well. Below are some areas of business operations and the types of information Enuit’s ETRM/CTRM solution, ENTRADE®, provides out-of-box to enhance functional performance:

Negotiating Deals

While ENTRADE® for CTRM and ETRM cannot, and should not, determine whether one deal is better than another, it can tell a trader what a trader’s positions are in real-time, whether a trading partner has proper credit, what the estimated market price is, etc.

ENTRADE® has deal templates, or deal blotters, to make recording deals an easy process for every type of deal a trader may initiate.

  • Credit Risk Management

  • Transaction Capture

  • Secondary Cost Capture

  • Confirms and Affirms

  • ICE & CME Interfaces


Actualizing Deals


ENTRADE® for CTRM and ETRM estimates delivered volume in order to calculate estimated costs, and therefore estimated profits until actual volumes are available. Then, as costs are actualized throughout a delivery period, profit projections will true up by month’s end.

ENTRADE® performs an analysis of estimated and actual volumes and costs so that operational estimates get better over time as well.

  • Trade Settlement


Commodity Trade Risk Management


ENTRADE® for CTRM and ETRM monitors all inherent business risks in the trading business: Price, currency, basis, logistics, options, and credit. ENTRADE® has many useful reports to show business exposure to market movements. And, it comes out-of-box with option models and value-at-risk calculation methodologies.


Position Management

  • Strategy Management

  • Portfolio Management

  • Hedge Management

  • Effectiveness Testing

  • Option Greeks


PNL Management

  • Curve Management

  • Exposure Valuation

  • Market Price Capture

  • Value-at-Risk Reporting

Scheduling Deals


Matching receipts and deliveries of obligations is just the first step to scheduling commodity movements. Where the rubber meets the road is monitoring inventory levels to “plan” so that organizational targets can be met from month to month.


Primary and secondary costs affect inventory costs as product flows from production points through various stationery and in-transit inventories to points of final consumption. Enuit’s ETRM CTRM solution, ENTRADE®, associates all primary and secondary costs with deals and logistical movements.

  • Inventory Management

  • Inventory Valuation

  • Shipment Scheduling

  • Event Management

  • Operations Reporting


Settling Deals


Enuit’s ETRM/CTRM solution, ENTRADE®, uses the best available volumes (BAV) and calculated deal price to produce settlement data, which is used to produce invoices and remittance advice statements. Then, it generates journal entries for settled deals, which can be sent to a general ledger or ERP system via automated or electronic means.


ENTRADE® provides transaction details for primary and secondary costs and charges.

  • Invoice Generation

  • Payment Application

  • Secondary Cost Billing

  • Asset Settlements

  • Accruals Reporting

  • G/L Interface

  • Trade Finance

  • Broker Statement Reconciliation

  • Cashflow Management

  • Treasury Management



ENTRADE® for CTRM and ETRM comes out-of-box with a comprehensive list of standard reports, which are updated in real-time in Entrade report forms. ENTRADE® also has an ad-hoc pivot report generator, which can provide you with business information not available out-of-box.


You will really like ENTRADE® pivot reporting capabilities, too, for drill-down analysis and slicing-n-dicing your way to answers.

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