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ETRM and CTRM implementation

Product Implementation

Our implementation methodology maximizes your investment in Enuit’s ETRM/CTRM solution: ENTRADE®.

Typically, implementation projects start with a review of product features and functions essential to the needs of your business process.

A project team comprised of technical and functional consultants will be assigned responsibility for:

  • Product installation

  • Data migration

  • Training

  • System interfaces

  • System configuration and setup

Project Management

To ensure that ENTRADE® for ETRM and CTRM is tailored just right, our implementation team joins with your employees and advocates for the interests of your business.


You can expect a team capable of understanding your needs, as well as one that can provide solutions for any needs that may develop along the way.

On-site or Cloud Installation

Let’s get you started with Enuit’s ETRM/CTRM solution: ENTRADE®.

How do you want ENTRADE® deployed for your company?

Written using Microsoft’s .NET architecture, its Smart-Client application is rich, interactive, and highly scalable because of XML Web Services, which can be deployed in N-tier server farms.

ENTRADE® can be deployed as a hosted application or installed on client-owned computing platforms.



An on-site implementation places the system on your company's servers so it's completely under your control.



For clients who prefer a lighter hardware footprint, Entrade can be deployed on the “Cloud”. With one click of a button, the application is accessible from anywhere.





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Services and Support

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