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Enuit sees good market demand in APAC

Last week our VP of APAC operations, Winson Low, met with Gary Vasey of ComTech Advisory to discuss the successes Enuit has had in APAC.

Below is an extract from Gary's original related post on

For Enuit, in the Asia-Pacific region, it is business as usual, says Winson Low, VP of APAC operations. “We have plenty of inquiries and proposals and many of the inquiries these days are coming from the Middle East. Companies are looking for solutions in areas like fertilizers, agricultural commodities, and crude oil.” The region was strongly impacted by COVID19 and a strong Government response in the form of lock downs and restrictions. These appear to be now ending, he told me. “We have worked from home for 2-years here in Singapore but finally things are relaxing, and businesses are again active.”

He also sees smaller entities active in the market as well as increasing inquiries around carbon and ESG, he told me. “So far this year, we have worked on a number of opportunities and expect to close a couple of new customers in the near future,” he told me. It’s not just the Middle East either, he says that they do see inquiries also from Japan – mainly in LPG and refined products, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Despite the increasing focus on supply chains, he tells me that the interest still leans towards CTRM in the region as opposed to Commodity Management. Since many entities are likely seeking their first commercial solution as smaller entities, this is not surprising. Trade shows and conferences are also restarting across the region and Enuit will be at the Annual Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference conference in May in Bahrain. Winson, like many others in the industry, is excited to finally be able to meet some prospective new customers face to face.






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