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Enuit LLC voted as CTRM House of the Year for the third time in a row

Singapore – 23 September 2021 announced today that Enuit LLC has been named the Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) House of the Year at the Energy Risk Asia Awards 2021.

Tony Teo, Managing Director of ENUIT Singapore said "It's amazing and we are honored to receive the EnergyRisk APAC CTRM House of the Year in 2021 for the second time in a row. We attribute this award to our loyal customers and partners who have made great efforts to ensure every project is a success. We also would like to acknowledge and recognize our hard-working APAC team, without whom none of our successes would have been achievable".

This will be the third time in a row that ENUIT® has won the CTRM House of the Year award. The first award being honored in November 2020 for APAC, followed by EMEA & AMER CTRM House of the Year in July 2021 and now again for APAC in September 2021.

ENUIT has continued to grow even through the Covid‑19 pandemic, adding personnel and taking on new projects across the APAC region over the past year. Signing eight new deals and hiring 20 new employees in Singapore, Japan, China and in Enuit’s new office in India over the past 12 months are important elements of ENUIT’s expansion efforts.

ENUIT’s office in India was opened in February 2021 with the initial aim of supporting global operations. This office will eventually begin procuring new clients in India, according to Winson Low, deputy managing director of Enuit’s Singapore operations.

ENUIT’s solution, ENTRADE®, has quickly become a global leading CTRM platform, especially in terms of Risk Management, with the most advanced and complete out-of-the-box risk management features and functions found in any product.

ENTRADE supports many actively traded commodities out of the box, and can be configured to support every commodity in every location. Its adaptable trade manager and premier risk engine ensures that all trading activities and trade life cycles can be well managed within a single, integrated trading platform.

ENTRADE also provides industry-centric forms and reports, which reflect unique nuances of the logistical requirements of various commodity markets, to manage logistics functions. An example of a logistical function is cargo scheduling. Another is inventory cost valuation.

ENUIT is also taking steps to keep its product’s underlying application technology current and state-of-the-art, focusing on both useful ENTRADE features and functions and also on User Experience (or UX), which is becoming increasingly important in a potential customer’s product selection decision making.

ENUIT now supports some of the largest businesses across the world, supporting almost every major commodity within one technological platform. Their claim to success has been 100% customer retention and the belief that there is only one way to succeed: Listen to your clients, build superior solutions and provide the highest quality of service.

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