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ETRM & CTRM System for NGLs

NGLs, while similar in nature to refined products, trade a bit differently. Separation plants knock these high-value products out of wells producing natural gas in the form of a raw mix. Valuing raw mix is problematic because each of the purity components in the raw mix has its own independent market value, and each well may produce its own unique composition of raw mix. How can the overall market value be calculated?

It’s easy with ENTRADE®. ENTRADE® maintains each well’s unique raw mix proportion. It decomposes and values inherent market risk without disaggregating estimated and actual production volumes, which are still traded, scheduled, and settled in aggregate.

Logistics is a snap-in ENTRADE®, which captures all primary and secondary fees and costs associated with movements.

ENTRADE® also manages inventories well, whether in transit or stationary. Fractionation plants can even be modelled within ENTRADE® so that purity production can be estimated to forecast sales revenues.



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