Award-winning ETRM / CTRM and CM solutions, that helps your business to track transactions, logistics and supply chain through the entire deal life cycle: From done deal through sent bill.

We provide multi-commodity support with expertise in Agriculture, Crude, LNG, NGLs, Metals, Natural Gas, Power and Refined Products.

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One Platform, First-Class and Fully Loaded

Happy Clients


Our customers expect Enuit to keep Entrade current and up to date. It is continually being enhanced and upgraded with new and important features and functions. We make sure that migrating from one version of ENTRADE® to the next is painless. This isn’t true of every CTRM software vendor. You won’t find another software provider more committed to, and with a better track record of, software version management.


One “gotcha” Enuit avoids is so-called custom software patches or product extensions, which are not part of a product’s migration path. Non-upgradable product extensions are very common with software from other vendors. Instead, we build software modifications into our core product and ensure that one version easily migrates to the next version, painlessly. The benefit is that each of our clients gets to share the benefits of enhancements to ENTRADE® without a great deal of upgrade costs.

ENTRADE® has all the functions you need to run your commodity trading business. It helps you with:​

  • Negotiating and recording deals

  • Scheduling physical commodity movements

  • Tracking primary and secondary costs

  • Monitoring inventory levels and costs

  • Actualizing deal volumes

  • Valuating deals

  • Calculating settlement amounts

  • Generating invoices

  • Monitoring all business- and market-related risks

  • Providing useful reports for all aspects of business

ENTRADE®  also handles the little details that trip up many similar risk management systems. For instance, what if a system like ENTRADE® did not correctly convert units of measure, which is something you would naturally take for granted?

Answer: Big reporting problems.


Fortunately, ENTRADE® has all the business rules to convert between volumetric measurement units, price measurement units, differing contractual and reporting currencies, and resulting FX exposures. It has an advanced analytical pricing engine to decompose embedded risks in even the most complicated price formulas imaginable and it correctly calculates settlement values for priced-in deals.


So, whether you trade physical or financial commodities, purchases or sales, buy-sells or exchanges, you can be assured that ENTRADE® will correctly report risk exposures and generate both estimated and final invoiceable settlements.

Enhanced Features

ENTRADE® has enhanced features to manage the logistics of physical trading. This is where many ETRM/CTRM systems fail. You can count on ENTRADE®, though, to do it right. Tracking inventory levels and costs, including both primary and secondary costs, from the point of commodity acquisition to the point of ultimate sale can be fraught with many challenges while attempting to manage all the details.


This is not the case with ENTRADE®. It tracks all primary and secondary costs and fees from the point of original purchase through various stationary and in-transit inventories all the way to the point of ultimate delivery.

It doesn’t matter how product moves from one point to another. Whether by truck, rail, pipeline, barge, or vessel, ENTRADE® scheduling functions and reports accumulate the primary and secondary, estimated and actual costs, and estimated and actual volumes as product moves downstream through the supply chain.


And, most important of all, ENTRADE® has reporting capabilities unparalleled by any other vendor of similar software.

ENTRADE® is delivered with many standard reports out-of-the-box. No customization or expensive setup is required to generate comprehensive reports that will allow you to manage your business operations. Here are some of the reports you can see out-of-box.

  • Deal confirmation letters and contracts

  • Payables and receivables

  • Market risk exposure

  • Mark to market calculations

  • Option pricing model results

  • Value at Risk: Historical, Monte Carlo and Delta-Gamma

  • Volumetric positions

  • PNL (Profits and Losses)

  • Inventories

  • Storage, in-transit, exchanges, processing

  • Estimated and actual volumes and costs

  • Movement documents

​The reporting capabilities in ENTRADE® do not stop there. ENTRADE® for ETRM and CTRM has best-in-class ad-hoc reporting capabilities that can turn any SQL statement into Excel-like pivot reports in minutes with ENTRADE®’s pivot reporting designer.

You will not need to keep expensive consultants on staff indefinitely for the sole purpose of getting you answers to new questions you want to ask about your business. You can answer these types of questions yourself.


Enuit provides you with ENTRADE®’s data model so that you know where the data is stored. Not every software vendor is so open with their data model. But, Enuit is. It is just another important benefit of being an Enuit client, a point not usually considered in the ETRM/CTRM vendor selection process.


We see our clients as business partners. We succeed when our clients are successful.