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ETRM & CTRM System for Power

Customer choice programs are now available in many cities and states, allowing consumers to select electricity providers and rate programs from among many offered in a growing free marketplace. It is a very competitive world we live in. Profit margins are squeezed. Managing the details of electricity trading can be overwhelming. Spreadsheets certainly are not up to the job, not when balancing trading positions hourly is essential.

​ENTRADE® for ETRM does the job without breaking a sweat. It has the horsepower to crunch through the mounds of hourly data associated with power trading. You will never need to worry about getting invoices generated correctly and on-time. ENTRADE® is your system of choice.

Here are some features from this very comprehensive solution:

  • Captures both physical and financial deal types such as Bilateral Contracts and Power Swaps

  • Calculates both hourly and on/off-peak risk valuations and position summaries

  • Tracks credit exposure

  • Handles both standard products and hourly load-shaped deals

  • Generates monthly settlement statements

  • Extended functions to support retail operations

  • Aggregates retail load

  • Applies load shaping factors such as attrition and line loss

  • Shows netted hourly supply and demand positions



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