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Cargo Cost and Logistics Management

Crude Oil Production

Crude Production and Logistics Management

NGL Trading

Raw Mix and Purity Logistics and Valuation

Refinery Optimization Planning

Better Feedstock Management and Better Market Projections

Complex Price Formulas

LNG takes Natural Gas around the Globe

Powerful Features and Functions

Electricity Trading has never been this easy

Best in Class

Natural Gas Trade and Logistics Management

Co-mingled Risk Valuation

Decompose Market Risk in Metal Concentrates

Sophisticated Inventory Accounting

Track Inventory Quality and Cost


Every commodity, every feature, and every user in one place. There’s no Third Party or Legacy System to integrate. One Technology – One Platform.

One Platform

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Here Are A Dozen Reasons to Use ENTRADE®


Crude Cargoes

Capture deals, manage financial and settlement risk, schedule cargoes, and generate invoices for both physical and financial deals for both international cargo and domestic lease crude transactions. Tracks all crude scheduling logistics and costs.

Oil Leases

Manage lease data and deal price structures. Import truck tickets. Schedule downstream deliveries through pipelines, rail cars, and barges.



Manage complicated LNG cargo valuation. Settle complex LNG cargos pricing formulas. Track all cargo and liquefaction costs and charges.


Refined Products

Record deal terms of refined oil product transactions. Manage and measure trading risk. Schedule cargoes and track cargo and quality adjustment charges and fees.


Metals & Concentrates

Record sophisticated price formulas. Manage primary and secondary logistical costs. Decompose co-mingled risk and positions.


Capture deals, manage financial and settlement risk, schedule cargos, and generate invoices for both physical and financial deals for both international cargo and domestic lease crude transactions. Tracks all crude scheduling logistics and costs.



Manage inventories and stockpiles. Track inventory cost and quality. Schedule movements by rail, truck, barge, and vessel.


Natural Gas

Capture deals traded through ICE and CME. Manage natural gas trading activities. Schedule and track transport and storage. Generate Invoices. Watch credit risks. Report mark-to-market risks. See retail load together with offsetting supply positions.


Capture standard product and hourly load-shaped transactions. Generate hourly power schedules. Settle bilateral and ISO deals. Track risk hourly or by standard product. Include retail load in positions.


Retail for NG & Power

Forecast and aggregate demand load. Apply load shaping factors like Attrition and product loss. Generate storage plan for Natural Gas. Allocate city-gate load to supply pools. Decompose risk. See positions as wholesale transactions.


Freight & Cargo Trading

Book term charters and track exposure to market movements. Integrate freight trading with logistical movements of other commodities.



Capture bulk deals for grains and softs. Track inventory costs and quality. Schedule logistical movements via cargo vessel, rail, and truck.

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