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Enuit investing in Power and Environmental capabilities

Last week our managing director of power solutions, Seenu Kaliamurthy, met with Patrick Reames of ComTech Advisory to discuss he is helping Enuit to accelerate the development of Entrade's power capabilities to reach additional markets and strengthen our position.

Below is an extract from Patrick's original related post on

I recently had an opportunity to visit with Enuit’s recently hired Managing Director of Power Solutions, Mr. Seenu Kaliamurthy. Seenu is a highly experienced power and energy expert, having implemented, developed, and overseen a number of solutions at power marketing companies, both as an employee and as a Big 4 consultant.

Enuit has been a player in the power space for some time, offering end-to-end physical and financial power capabilities and servicing numerous clients in the space. However, given the pace of change in those markets, Seenu was brought on board to help the company accelerate the development of their capabilities to reach additional markets and strengthen their position in their traditional markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, he is also leading Enuit’s efforts to expand their environmental products capabilities in those same markets as new regulations and new carbon-centric trading products are introduced.

According to Seenu, “Enuit’s Entrade has had strong end-to-end power functionality, but as with any product servicing a dynamic market, we need to continuously improve it and grow it capabilities to match the needs of the markets and customers we serve. For example, we’re working today to grow our ability to manage large volumes of FTR transactions and improving our capabilities in tracking, delivery and inventory management of environmental products.”

Though the company has continued to see a robust sales pipeline across all commodities and markets in recent months, Seenu pointed out that they are seeing particular interest in power and environmentals and expects strong growth in those markets as they continue to enhance and expand their breadth of capabilities. In particular, he noted the Japanese power market, that shares many similarities to the US (though also many subtle differences), along with the European environmental markets as areas generating strong in-bound interest in their product.

Though Enuit’s roots are in the hydrocarbon markets, they have been working opportunistically with clients through the years to broaden their commodities reach, first with power and more recently with metals/concentrates and ags. While this type of client centric and/or client funded development has certainly borne fruit for Enuit, the addition of a senior resource such as Mr. Kaliamurthy signals an increasing focus on expanding their product capabilities proactively to meet current and future demand in the rapidly evolving power markets.






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