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Enuit expands customer base and staffing

Last week our COO, Ganesh Natarajan, met with Gary Vasey of ComTech Advisory to talk about Enuit's activities through the year.

Below is an extract from Gary's original related post on

Ganesh Natarajan, Enuit’s COO, is a busy man and plainly enjoying it. I managed to grab a little of his time last week for a catch up on his and Enuit’s activities. Enuit has had a pretty good year to date, he told me. Already it has around half a dozen deals in the bag outside of China and several of them very large important deals too, he told me. Two had just closed including a large European utility that was going to be using Entrade for generation fuels like coal, LNG and so on and the other a large petrochemicals concern. “We are seeing a lot of traction on the petrochemicals and oil side at the moment,” he told me. “LNG, base metals and coal are all also in demand and picking up.” He fully expects more good news before the year is up.

Enuit has also successfully completed some very major implementations this year. ITOCHU Corporation has gone live with their ENTRADE implementation supporting fuel requirements in their Singapore subsidiary, ITOCHU Petroleum Co., (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. It also took Kogas International live in just 10-weeks covering its LNG import business, as well as a major Japanese minerals and metals business, among others. All this activity and the recent wins means that Enuit is hiring, and Ganesh says it has added almost a dozen staff in India with plans to double that in 2022 as well as others in Europe. Of those, the recruitment of a senior implementation resource in Europe in the form of ex-PWC Director, Angel Matia, in Madrid, and of Seenu Kaliamurthy as the new Managing Director of Power Solutions in the US, are important, as they will play key roles going forward, he told me.

We also touched on Enuit’s Commodity Management product – Entrade Unite. Currently, Enuit is working on enhancing the software, but it sees significant interest from its existing customers in the product, he told me. Many customers would like to move forward with a cloud-based ERP solution and see the Enuit product as having the potential to fulfil that objective. Meanwhile, his overall focus is on Entrade v7, which is in development, building in more workflow and more cloud-native content, a refreshed UI built for a new generation of traders, while also beefing up implementation capabilities worldwide, he told me. It does sound like he will be kept busy for some time to come….






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