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Enuit LLC racks up more awards – CTRM House of the Year 2021

Houston, TX – 14 July 2021

Historically, CTRM software implementations have been focused on the trading business of just one commodity. Best of Breed implementations were vogue, but costly due to expensive and error-prone interfaces. Implementations were therefore lengthy and costly. Changing a product to fit a client’s business processes has been problematic, causing subsequent customizations to make later software upgrades difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

Founded In 2008, ENTRADE® was built to bring to market affordable, functional trade management software, designed and developed with an architecture to support every commodity, every feature, and every user on one technological framework, not requiring integration with third-party or legacy systems.

ENTRADE® supports businesses that trade multiple commodities. It has an adaptive API and easy-to-learn scripting language to enable clients to make changes with ease, putting control back into a client’s hands where it belongs. Its metadata-driven user interface makes tailoring ENTRADE® to a client’s specific needs easy to do. In addition, ENUIT® continuous software improvement processes regularly incorporate many essential features into its core product so that futures upgrades are a snap.

ENTRADE® was originally released 12 years ago, with quick adoption by Houston-based clients, where ENUIT is headquartered. Eventually, ENTRADE® was subsequently, and more recently, introduced in China, Singapore, Europe, Japan, and now India.

In the 2020 Vendor Perception Study, Enuit placed within the top 3 in various categories against leading CTRM vendors, was ranked the leader in implementation, and in APAC ranked number 1 across all categories by participants of the study.

In late 2020 ENUIT® won the APAC CTRM House of the Year Award, and again this week have won the 2021 CTRM House of the Year award for EMEA and AMER.

ENUIT® now supports some of the largest businesses across the world, supporting almost every major commodity within one single platform. Their claim to success has been 100% customer retention and the belief that there is only one way to succeed: Listen to your clients, build superior solutions and provide the highest quality of service.

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