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Pavilion Energy has selected ENTRADE® ETRM to support its Natural Gas trading business.

August 2020: Enuit LLC, a leading provider of Energy and Commodity Trading Risk Management (E/CTRM) Solutions, today announced that Pavilion Energy Spain, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore-headquartered Pavilion Energy, has selected ENTRADE® ETRM to support its natural gas risk management business, including commodity and derivatives trading and treasury operations throughout Europe.

ETRM - energy trading risk management

Pavilion Energy’s fully-integrated energy business encompasses a global LNG trading, shipping and optimisation, downstream supply and marine business, upstream investments as well as energy hedging and financial solutions. With an expanding global footprint, Pavilion Energy has established a presence in strategic European gas markets including Spain, France, The Netherlands and the U.K.

In May 2020, Pavilion Energy commenced its search for an Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) system to support its business requirements. A key requirement was for a robust, flexible and scalable system in order to meet the future business and technology needs.

After a rigorous evaluation and selection process, Pavilion Energy Spain selected Enuit’s ETRM solution ENTRADE® to support its Natural Gas trading solution. ENTRADE® will integrate with a suite of existing enterprise applications including but not limited to other business systems, curve management, ERP, and Gas operations and scheduling systems and provide Pavilion Energy Spain a holistic front to finance straight-through processing capabilities. The ENTRADE® solution is also scalable and adaptable ensuring it can evolve with Pavilion Energy Spain’s future business roadmap and will readily increase the organisation’s risk management capabilities.

Ganesh Natarajan, MD of Enuit Europe, said “We are extremely grateful to work with Pavilion Energy as one team to deliver the necessary outcomes.”

Ana Ramos, Head of Business Partnering and Europe Operations for Pavilion Energy Spain, said “We are very much looking forward to working with Enuit to deliver the capabilities ENTRADE® has to offer to Pavilion Energy. It is particularly exciting to share our European energy expansion with that of Enuit.”

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About Enuit

Enuit LLC provides enterprise risk management solutions, also known as ETRM/CTRM solution, for energy and commodities trading companies worldwide. We give our customers complete visibility, insights, control and management over their business operations helping them to have peace of mind to make quick and informed decisions that affect the bottom line. Enuit, LLC is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, with offices located in Beijing, China, London, Singapore, and Tokyo to serve markets in China, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and North America.

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