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Enuit Expanding in Europe

It is just over a year or so since Enuit opened its London office to focus in establishing more of a presence in the second largest market for CTRM software. The European team is led by Ganesh Natarajan who is a veteran of the space. I talked with Ganesh recently to see how things were going for the vendor here in Europe. “We have been quite busy,” he told me. “We have won a number of new deals including Pavilion Energy Spain.”

Pavilion Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore-headquartered Pavilion Energy, and according to the press announcement, it ‘has selected ENTRADE® ETRM to support their Natural Gas trading business including commodity and financial derivative trading, risk management and treasury operations throughout Europe’ and, ‘after a rigorous evaluation and selection process, Pavilion Energy Spain selected Enuit’s ETRM solution ENTRADE® to support its Natural Gas trading business. ENTRADE® will integrate with a suite of existing enterprise applications including but not limited to other business systems, curve management, ERP, and Gas operations and scheduling systems and provide Pavilion Energy Spain a holistic front to finance straight-through processing capabilities. The ENTRADE® solution is also scalable and adaptable ensuring it can evolve with Pavilion Energy Spain’s future business roadmap and will readily increase the organisation’s risk management capabilities.’

Like many of the vendors that I have talked to in recent months, he sees a lot more activity in the market and points to oil, metals and power & gas as areas where they see a lot of interest. I asked about interest from oil companies as with the collapse in oil prices, it is intriguing that there should be selection activity in that market. “We see a lot of inquiries from smaller to medium sized oil companies”, he said. “Some of these don’t currently have a solution or are using less sophisticated platforms and want something in the cloud with better risk capabilities.” He also noted that these companies often lack the IT infrastructure as well and have concerns over business continuity with staff working at home.

Another area where he sees good interest is in the CPG segment and manufacturing where commodities are procured, and the company exposed to commodity risk. “There is interest in hedging their commodity exposures”, he said. Also in the metals side, he is seeing replacement interest and, on the back of its completed project with Mitsubishi on metals, Enuit is known to offer a comprehensive metals solution. “We see interest across a broader range of metals and ores like Iron Ore, Bauxite, concentrates and so on.”

Part of the plan to build the Enuit presence in Europe revolves around consulting and SI firms and getting them interested in the Enuit product offering as well. Here too, he is seeing more traction as “the existing stream of work from the big budget systems is drying up due to the sheer cost and complexity of these solutions. Despite that many companies still want a multi-commodity solution and the consulting/SI firms are seeing Enuit’s platform as attractive to their customers as a result.

The soon to be released vendor perception study report shows that Enuit has a surprisingly well-known brand in north American and Asia-Pacific regions (particularly in China). If it were as well known in Europe, it would now be among the top 5 brands known to buyers globally. No doubt Ganesh and his team will be focused on ensuring that is exactly what happens and we will be checking in on their progress.






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