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Enuit Discusses Remote Implementations

Robert Balinski is VP Services for Enuit based in Houston having joined Enuit last summer. We were discussing remote implementation, a topic of interest in these days of lockdowns. Robert has 20-years or more experience with various CTRM software packages and implementation that he draws upon.“We were in the middle of a project to implement Entrade for crude oil trading with a client when it happened,” he told me. “The last time anyone was onsite was February 2020 and within a week, the project had transformed into a remote implementation. The go live did get delayed a couple of months but that was really down to their IT staff needing to react to the situation and ensure continuity for workforce that was suddenly home based. We managed with Teams and Go to meeting-type services and got them up and running remotely.”

Another project he recalls very well involved a small natural gas trader that was “extremely budget conscious so they asked to buy the license and implement it themselves,” he told me. Enuit offered remote services as needed to help them with the implementation should they need it. “Three months later, they were up and running and I think this is a credit to Entrade’s ease of use, that they were able to more or less implement without our help. We did help a bit remotely, but it must be one of the cheapest implementations ever”, he said.

There isn’t a big push to have our people on site,” he told me referring to the lockdown and situation generally. That means that all implementations are now done with a remote team, often also working from home. Our references in this regard are a big plus. Enuit still utilizes a 7 step implementation approach but Robert thinks that Enuit provides a “lot of standard tools out of the box that reduce implementation effort levels anyway including things like standard deal templates. We get to start an implementation half done already,” he said.

Remote implementations are now pretty much the norm and that may not change that much in the next 6-months or so. Being able to conduct a remote implementation successfully is now something that probably ought to be added to that list of buying criteria as well. Does the vendor have references and experience of working that way. ComTech thinks that most will have both to offer the prospective buyer and so the devil may end up in the vendor’s approach to implementation remotely and things like how much set up is pre-configured. It is certainly a new are to explore when selecting a vendor and a solution.






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