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Beijing National Oil Company Licenses ENTRADE

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Enuit, LLC David Meyers (

Enuit, LLC licenses Entrade FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Beijing, China (November 13, 2017) – Enuit, LLC recently entered into an agreement with a Beijing-based National Oil company to license Enuit’s commodity trading platform, called ENTRADE, to support it’s crude and products trading business.

“This deal is a BIG win for Enuit,” says Ken Han, CEO and co-founder of Enuit, LLC, which is a Houston, Texas-based software developer specializing in developing and deploying Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software around the world. “And, I believe, it is a BIG win for our client, too. ENTRADE has all of the functions and features our client needs, and is easily adapted to any special needs within China’s market.”

ENTRADE is Enuit’s flagship product providing software tools to support commodity trading activities, including energy commodities, domestically within the US and internationally, as is shown by Enuit’s new Beijing-based client. Enuit has a local presence within China in the form of its Beijing office and employees, who will be involved in ENTRADE’s implementation project for Enuit’s client.

David Meyers, President and co-founder of Enuit, added his words of welcome and enthusiastic support for Enuit’s new Chinese client. “China is a huge, emerging market for commodity trading businesses. We are thrilled to be involved in China’s growth as an dominant world economy. And, we appreciate our new client providing an anchor for Enuit in this developing market.”

Enuit was founded in 2008 to develop and deliver next generation CTRM (Commodity Trading Risk Management) solutions to energy and other commodity markets. Enuit recently released version 6 of Entrade, which has features and functions supporting trading company activities in all classes of commodities.






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