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Enuit announces internal structural changes to cope with unprecedented growth

Since 2015, Enuit LLC has experienced tremendous growth. Over the last 6 years, the company has grown by more than 350% and now has a headcount of more than 130 team members all over the world.

Founded in Houston, TX in 2008, they then launched a second office in Beijing in 2015, then Singapore in 2017, followed by London in 2018, Shanghai and Tokyo in 2019 and most recently in India in 2021.

The 3 underlying factors for Enuits strength over the last several years have been:

1. A highly configurable and flexible CTRM / ETRM solution that supports every commodity, every feature and every user on a single platform. Traditional CTRM vendors have multiple solutions to provide the same level of support making configuration and implementation tedious. Enuit has no such issues and after the 2008 market crash, businesses that have made the wise decision to diversify their portfolios to minimize their risks have found Enuit’s multicommodity, multi-currency and multi-geography support to be extremely useful.

2. Superior implementation team. In ComTech Advisory’s 2020 vendor perception study, Enuit was selected by market participants as the leader in CTRM / ETRM implementation, competing against the biggest names in the industry. In a recent close door session with 20 C-Level members from leading commodity and energy trading and production houses, ease of implementation was specifically brought up as one of the main concerns. In short, market participants want a system that can do what needs to be done, that they can configure themselves if needed and that can be implemented quickly and easily without the fear of a long and drawn-out process.

3. Happy clients. Enuit’s customers expect them to keep their CTRM / ETRM solutions ENTRADE current and up to date. It is continually being enhanced and upgraded with new and important features and functions and Enuit makes sure that migrating from one version of ENTRADE® tothe next is painless. This isn’t true of every CTRM software vendor. At ENUIT® they believe there is only one way to succeed: Listen to your clients, build superior solutions and provide the highest quality of service.

The unprecedented growth of Enuit over the last few years has not been without its challenges. Maintaining a superior service whilst also trying to manage several new offices across the globe including an explosion in staff and new sales has meant that Enuit’s management team have had to quickly revise the way the business is structured, bring in additional talented team members who are not only knowledgeable about the ETRM / CTRM space but who are also natural leaders and subsequently build up a corporate hierarchy that will take the company into the future.

To that end, on June 16th, 2021, Enuit’s CEO announced the first of these corporate structure changes. Introducing a C-Level structure underneath himself and the company’s president.

David Rao, who started his career as a CTRM / ETRM system developer, then as a client-side user has over 20 years of experience in CTRM / ETRM with Citi Group Commodities, Deutsche Bank Commodities, Shell Trading North America and Triple Point Technologies in various roles. David will assume the role of Chief Product Officer and oversee product, development, technologies and structuring of the product organization.

Ganesh Natarajan was the Global Head of pre-sales at Brady plc and before that was a Senior Manager in PwC’s Commodity Management team. He also has more than 20 years of experience in managing complex business and IT transformations and large projects with a successful track record of strategy, consulting, product management, system selection, and implementation of CTRM / ETRM. Ganesh will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer and will help develop and implement strategies and plans to enhance the growth of Enuit globally.

Chunxing Shen has been with Enuit for more than 10 years as the senior manager of software development, he was also the lead technical analyst for Calpine Corp for 10 years and has an MBA in Finance and Energy Risk Management. Chunxing will assume the role of Chief Information Officer and will continue to be in charge of Enuit’s IT, Hosting and DevOps infrastructure, policies, compliance, etc.

With this new structure in place and with the anticipated changes that are sure to follow Enuit is setting itself up to be bulletproof over the next several years. Enuits goal to become the number 1 provider of CTRM / ETRM solutions in the next decade has certainly taken a few steps forward to being achieved





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