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Introducing ENTRADE® Unite for Commodity Management

In 2019 ENUIT® was selected as the CTRM vendor of choice for a multi-national, cross commodities trading company. During the planning and implementation phase the client commissioned ENUIT® to build into the core ENTRADE® system the functionality to support their entire business from Front to Back including all aspects related to their Enterprise Resource Planning.

This led to the creation of ENTRADE® Unite, one of the few solutions to incorporate all the aspects of a Commodity Trading Risk Management system and all the aspects of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution directly in its core, in a single platform without cumbersome modules to enable integration and mapping from one system to another.

ENTRADE® Unite has the potential to deliver significant benefits in the form of enhanced visibility, analysis, insights, and decision making for any market participant.

What are the main benefits to users of ENTRADE® Unite?

ENTRADE® CTRM, has already been widely accepted as a leading solution in commodity management system space, specifically because it is one of the few systems that has the proven ability to support every commodity, every feature, and every user in one place on one platform.

For the Front office, Deal and trade types can be quickly configured to handle complicated commodity trading transactions whilst automatically decomposing risk according to each deal type’s risk profile. Each transaction type is automatically integrated into every part of ENTRADE® – no coding required. Transactions can be immediately valued, settled, scheduled, invoiced, confirmed, taxed, hedged and analyzed.

For the Middle Office, ENTRADE® makes it possible to track everything from inventory volumes, aggregation of costs, value at risk, ancillary costs, the quality of product, and then tie that data to respective counterparties, contracts, and portfolios.

And for the Back Office, ENTRADE® generates invoices and remittance statements including all associated fees and costs. It stores general ledger codes and can generate and post journal entries directly to your General Ledger system.

ENTRADE® Unite creates an integrated solution that can support the supply chain needs of trading organizations, giving companies the opportunity to integrate trading and risk data with supply chain functions.

Functions include commodity management system:

Capturing and recording deals; Scheduling physical commodity movements; Tracking primary and secondary costs; Monitoring inventory levels and costs; Actualizing deal volumes; Valuating deals; Calculating settlement amounts; Generating invoices; Monitoring business and market risks; Processing management and Providing useful reports and a data warehouse for all aspects of the business

With unparalleled reporting capabilities including:

Volumetric positions; PNL attribution; Inventories; Storage, in-transit, exchanges, processing; estimated and actual volumes and costs; Movement documents; Deal confirmation letters and Contracts; Payables and receivables; Market risk exposure; Mark-to-Market calculations; Option pricing model ‘Greeks’ and Value at Risk

ENTRADE® Unite gives complete end-to-end visibility of the entire value chain:

• Transparency of inventories and their associated costs, market risks and opportunities created by an organization’s network of assets

• The ability to drill into data from enterprise commodity transactions, enabling high-quality in-depth analysis and insights

A unified data source uniting data traditionally found in CTRM commodity trading risk management systems with data commonly found in ERP solutions.

To find out more about ENTRADE® Unite – download our white paper here:






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