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Enuit LLC wins Risk Market Technology Award – for Pricing and analytics: Commodities

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Enuit LLC is proud to announce that they have been selected as the Winner in the Pricing and analytics: Commodities category during the Risk Market Technology awards ceremony.

Enuit’s entry for these awards focused specifically on how their customers benefit from the fact that Entrade (Enuit’s ETRM solution) is continually being enhanced and upgraded with new and important features and functions.

Ganesh Natarajan, Enuit’s COO said “We try to make sure that our clients have all the latest tools and functionality in commodity trading and risk analytics at their disposal to make their lives easier and to continue making a profit without worrying if their trading and risk management landscape is fit for purpose. We believe that technology should be an enabler”.

Over the last two years, industry participants who are actively trading physical and financial commodities have been looking for commodities trading and risk management solutions combined with pricing and advanced analytics capabilities. Any solution that is being evaluated, selected, and implemented needs to strike a balance between solution capabilities, architecture, and value proposition combined with ease of implementation and of course pricing.

Enuit continues to listen to its customers and market participants in this regard, applying all the learnings using the principle of CANEI (Constant And Never Ending Innovation) to make ENTRADE better and better with its product management, service delivery, and support teams.

Enuit also cited their increased investment in their technology stack to make the Entrade user interface more user-friendly and device agnostic. Ganesh said “We noticed a new trend across the Energy and Commodity Trading space in the form of decision-makers being more tech-savvy and younger than our usual target market. This forced us to think about how a younger generation would be using our solution into the future”.

Enuit’s product team has been working on the latest version of Entrade which will bring in more cloud capabilities and open the solution architecture to provide more REST APIs so that clients can integrate, customize, and develop new applications to support their business.

Enuit’s customers will also see major benefits from updates to the workflow engine which will allow them to standardize tasks throughout the business, Third-Party Business Intelligence Support for some of the major BI providers, and the new supply chain & business process management which has a document-driven workflow, integrated Supply Chain Management with Valuation, Market Risk, and Credit Risk and a new Accounting Module.

The shift from a traditional brick and mortar office space to a more virtual or home office environment has also played a big role in how software businesses create and maintain their solutions. Enuit is no exception and along with the new updates they are ensuring that users will have the ability to perform their jobs from any location. Entrade’s Browser + Micro Service-Based User Interface includes workbenches for front office, accounting, scheduling and inventory, accounts payable, credit, treasury & cash flow management, market data, and system administrators.

Winning this award,” Ganesh said “further enforces our beliefs that investing in our product, people and to enhance and support our product roadmap by keeping customer-centricity is the right path for Enuit. The Enuit team firmly believes in a win-win solution for the clients we partner with”.


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