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The highs and lows of copper trading - 3 experts discuss how you can take advantage

What is it? Online Panel Discussion

When is it? July 14th at 2pm Singapore Time

How do I attend? Register here - https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/171850784720091149

Panelists: Dr. Gary Vasey (ComTech Advisory), Christian Dose (Baringa) and Virgil Cai (Enuit).

More details

According to OCBC TREASURY RESEARCH copper could break new record highs in the current super-cycle with exceptional end-demand from China, the global green wave and decade-low exchange stocks priming copper for a break out. They also estimate that the market could be see a supply shortage of some 630k mt in 2021 – more than twice the deficit of 250k in 2010 which eventually drove copper prices past $10,000/mt briefly in Feb’11.

Goldman Sachs have also published a research paper detailing how there will be no decarbonisation without copper. Saying that the critical role copper will play in achieving the Paris climate goals cannot be understated. Without serious advancements in carbon capture and storage technology in the coming years, the entire path to net zero emissions will have to come from abatement - electrification and renewable energy. As the most cost-effective conductive material, copper sits at the heart of capturing, storing and transporting these new sources of energy

In China, copper prices continue to rise despite Chinese authorities’ effort in restraining commodity prices. With the Electrification trend, U.S planned massive infrastructure investment and Union calls for a strike at Spence and Escodida prices are fiercely fluctuating presenting both risk and opportunities for market participants, along with the managerial demand in the following areas.

Commodity trading is a famously complex business though, with copper concentrate being one of the most challenging commodities to manage in the metals trading industry. For market participants to compete in this space they need to have systems in place that can effectively manage: all financial risks, complex and highly custom pricing arrangements, warehousing activities (accurately and with deep granularity), and credit management across the entire trading cycles.

Our three panelists who are experts in both metals and the associated trading related activities, will discuss these complexities in more detail and highlight how metals trading businesses can take advantage of this highly volatile market. They will discuss the tools that businesses can leverage to trade copper with extreme efficiency and have more visibility over their business processes, positions, activities (with related costs) and operational risk to make more informed decisions and ultimately be more competitive.

Meet the panelists

Christian Dose – Director - Baringa Partners LLP

Christian is a Director with Baringa Partners, an independent business and technology consultancy. Since relocating to Singapore in 2018 to start the local practice, he has helped organisations in the region to setup new commodity trading businesses, deliver trading technology (e.g. CTRM) and related operating models and processes. Christian enjoys supporting his clients in Asia in complex transformation journeys, in what he sees as one of the most dynamic and fast growing markets globally

Dr. Gary M. Vasey – Partner and Managing Director - ComTech Advisory

Dr. Vasey is an industry expert noted for his analysis, consulting, marketing, and branding skills. With over 36-years’ experience in the energy and commodities trading industry, Gary has experienced the industry’s volatility as an executive of a trading firm, geologist, consultant, software developer, analyst, and marketing practitioner, providing him with unique insights, not just into the entire value chain, but also into how to position, brand, and deliver products and services to the industry.

He is a noted expert on the commodity trading, transaction and risk management software industry and an accomplished industry analyst and thought leader.

Virgil Cai - Manager of Product Development - Enuit LLC

Virgil graduated from Nanyang Technological University with degrees in both business and computer science, he is committed to bringing business values through technologies. After his career as a developer in investment and commercial banks, Virgil found his passion in commodity trading and started his adventure as the head of IT of a commodity trading house. His business knowledge, industry experience, and technical skills quickly made him an ideal solution architect for the famously complex commodity trading business. Before joining Enuit as a product development manager, Virgil successfully implemented third-party commodity trading risk management systems and led the development of CTRMs from scratch while participating in building a revolutionary online physical metals trading platform. As a seasoned product manager, Virgil is now in charge of Enuit’s product development team in APAC, creating exciting, powerful, and flexible functions and features for all clients.

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