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Commodity Management for global metals trading - demonstration

What is it? Online Demonstration of Entrade Unite for Commodity Management

When is it? May 26th 2021

How do I attend?

REGISTER HERE to attend the APAC event – 3PM Singapore Time Zone (SGT)

REGISTER HERE to attend the EMEA/AMER event – 3PM GMT / 10AM CST

Presentation by: Dr. Ganesh Natarajan (Managing Director of Enuit Europe)

More details

On May 26th the Managing Director of Enuit’s European Operations will premiere an online demonstration of the new capabilities of the ENTRADE® product, and its ERP features, called UNITE, with a focus on the needs of metals commodity trading and logistics.

ENTRADE is a CTRM application, which calculates and reports PNL, Positions at Risk, and Credit Exposure. The UNITE extension manages inventory cost and value due to supply chain and logistics events.

Enuit’s product management team will attend to answer your functional or technical questions. Please submit your questions to marketing@enuit.com in advance at your leisure.

These are some of the features that will be demonstrated:

  • Standardized Business Process and Procedures.

  • Tracking of Trade Approval Processes and Lifecycle.

  • Channeling Trades through a Series of Workflow Queues and Activity forms.

  • Documents and Archives Activities Performed for each Workflow Control Point

  • Invoicing & Settlement activities: Buy and Sell; pre-payments, provisional payments, and final Payments including secondary cost payments.

  • Cash related activities: Buy and Sell; Pre-payment and provisional/final payments paid or received.

  • Management and Tracking of Warehouse and Inventory Costs.

  • Tracking Logistical and Supply Chain Costs and COGS.

  • Generating End of Month Accruals and Journal Entries .

  • Making Trade Book to Financials Reconciliation Easy.

We are very excited to be sharing these new capabilities and look forward to “seeing” you there.

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