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2021 - Year End Newsletter

To all our customers and partners, we would like to share our thanks for your support through 2021. It has been an incredible year for Enuit with a lot of implementations, solution updates and 28 new hires through the year. Below we would like to share some messages from our global team.


Earlier this week our President, Dave Meyers and CEO, Ken Han met with Patrick Reames the Founder of ComTech Advisory to discuss some of the highlights from 2021 and learn what is in store for customers and market participants in 2022.

Crystal Yeo - Sales Director APAC and Middle East

In 2021, we signed several new contracts even while having the unpredictable COVID19 pandemic situation. Despite several lock downs, Enuit’s APAC team worked on ten different projects running concurrently. We had four different go-live projects in 2021 with six projects continuing into 2022. In addition, the APAC team is still growing as we continue to hire professional talented resources in anticipation of more activities in 2022 when we slowly return to normal. Together with the recognition from in June as the APAC CTRM Software House of the Year, overall, we have had a very good year.

Keith Thibodeaux - VP of Sales North America

We have had a very productive year helping customers move to the latest version of Entrade, adding new seats and relicensing Entrade for new commodity support for existing clients. We plan to have all legacy customers on our current version by the end of 2022. We have also been engaged in several RFI/RFPs to replace legacy systems that are no longer properly supported and have a really strong pipeline that we are working on for 2022. In March we were recognised as the AMER CTRM House of the Year by which has really helped to drive interest in Enuit's solutions.

Nevena Todorova - Senior consultant Europe

We have been blessed to have signed 2 significant deals this year while steadily building a robust pipeline for 2022. Our first deal was concluded earlier this year with a leading German Utility that provides electricity, gas as well as energy and environmental services.

The second is the fastest growing commodity trading firm in Turkey specializing in the international physical and paper business of mainly: Oil & Products, NGLs, Petrochemicals, Olefins and Sulfurs. We at Enuit Europe continue to drive a one team approach across the board with other Enuit offices and continue to enhance this collaboration.

In addition to this we have continued the implementation at Pavilion Energy in Spain, with an expected January 2022 completion. Lastly, we are also proud to have won the EMEA CTRM House of the Year award which is a true testament to the capabilities of Enuit and how our customers see us.

Kumar Manickam - Director of Enuit operations India

Having only launched our offices in April this year, we have had a great start. We now have ten excellent members that all have vast experience in the E/CTRM industry, latest technologies and product development. The India team is now efficiently supporting global product, services delivery and support with a focus in leadership growth and learning culture. Our Vision for 2022 is to increase and refine this support and explore opportunities to find new E/CTRM clients in the India market.

Shelley Zhu - Marketing Director China

It has been a very busy year for team Enuit in China. We have completed implementations for one of the fastest growing commodity trading company in China, covering metals and chemicals (PVC) and for ENN Energy Trading Co. We went live with phase 1 at a client engaged in the global import & export of metallurgical raw materials and products and completed a phase 4 implementation at CNOOC. In cooperation with CNOOC we have also developed a web UI solution and have separately created a mobile application, both of which will be launched to the China market next year. We are also proud to mention that we have also being part of the first CTRM educational conference in China which was extremely well received by our clients and prospects.

David Rao - Chief Product Officer

This year we added ERP-like activity, document driven business processes and workflow management for each critical business event such as prepayment, title transfer, storage receipt, storage release, provisional payments as well as debit and credit notes. Customers who adopt Entrade's activity driven business processes, an enhanced Entrade accounting module generates journal entries to be posted to subledgers for each activity. End of month closing is now natively supported as opposed to being a customized implementation and clients and partners now have more powerful Python scripting capabilities to accomplish complex customization and extensions. 2021 also sees a major build-up of the technology foundation for the next generation of Entrade in Web GUI development, Micro-Service architecture and the integration of third-party business intelligence platforms.

New initiative - Enuits Environmental Social Responsibility

The Enuit team works extensively with businesses that are at the forefront of providing sustainable services to the global markets. These businesses focus on providing clean energy, infrastructure materials and consumables that support and sustain the growth of developed and developing countries. In 2021 the Enuit team made a decision to dedicate their social efforts towards sustaining our planet earth. We now work with and support environmental charities in each of the locations where we have offices, with a focus on planting trees which we believe are the key pillars of the world for both humans and the environment.

Special video recording from our
CEO, Ken Han & President, Dave Meyers


David Meyers ­- Enuit LLC President
Ken Han -­ Enuit LLC CEO

Earlier this week Dave and Ken met with Patrick Reames, Founder of ComTech Advisory to discuss some of the highlights from 2021 and learn what is in store for customers and market participants in 2022.

We would once again like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year. We wish you a great festive season and wonderful New Year.

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