Award-winning ETRM / CTRM and CM solutions, that helps your business to track transactions, logistics and supply chain through the entire deal life cycle: From done deal through sent bill.

We provide multi-commodity support with expertise in Agriculture, Crude, LNG, NGLs, Metals, Natural Gas, Power and Refined Products.

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ETRM & CTRM System for Natural Gas

The abundance of natural gas in North America, and its clean-burning, climate-friendly nature, has made natural gas a fuel of choice for electricity generation, closing in on coal as a baseload fuel for electricity production. At the same time, the location of new-found natural gas basins is completely changing the dynamics of a marketplace accustomed to single direction flows of natural gas from production basins in the mid-continental and offshore Gulf of Mexico to northeastern places of consumption. The complexity of natural gas trading has never been greater. Nor the risks.

That’s why there is ENTRADE® for ETRM. It has functions and features to help you manage trading and logistics from producing gas wells, through processing and NGL production, downstream to points of consumption. ENTRADE® has many features to help natural gas retailers aggregate and manage forecasted demand behind traditional city-gates. You will be up and running with ENTRADE® faster than you can imagine. ENTRADE® comes ready to install, and out-of-box, with many of the features you have been looking for. ENTRADE® is a great choice.


Here are some features from the most comprehensive natural gas application today:

  • Captures counterparty data and agreement terms

  • Stores all sorts of physical and financial types of deals

  • Calculates position risk and exposure to price movement

  • Evaluates counterparty credit risk

  • Calculates physical and financial deal settlements

  • Generates counterparty invoices

  • Tracks costs associated with pipeline transport and storage

  • Creates profit/loss drill-down, pivot reports

  • Provides extended functions to support retail operations

  • Aggregates retail load

  • Allocates demand to supply pools

  • Applies various load shaping factors, such as attrition and fuel loss

  • Allocates physical supply to markets to close monthly business