Award-winning ETRM / CTRM and CM solutions, that helps your business to track transactions, logistics and supply chain through the entire deal life cycle: From done deal through sent bill.

We provide multi-commodity support with expertise in Agriculture, Crude, LNG, NGLs, Metals, Natural Gas, Power and Refined Products.

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ETRM & CTRM System for Crude Cargo

Oil markets are increasingly volatile. There are many details to track and manage. That’s why you need Enuit’s ETRM/CTRM solution ENTRADE®.

It’s a platform built to the specific nuances of oil markets. Wherever you trade crude oil, ENTRADE® is there to help your business manage its trading activities, logistics, settlements, track inventory levels and valuations, and account for all primary and secondary logistical costs.

ENTRADE® is an integrated ETRM/CTRM solution, which means that all areas of your trading operation, in all office locations, your staff are linked together sharing information.

Whether it is trading, credit management, trade finance, operations, or accounting, every part of your organization has timely access to the information it needs to perform its function.

Freight & Cargo Trading

Shipping lanes remain the great conduits of commerce. Ninety percent of the world’s traded goods are transported by sea. Oil products and minerals are the most transported commodities.

But, getting cargo from point A to point B is far from straightforward. There are many risk factors to consider when transporting cargo: Shipping lane congestion, port availability, piracy, bunker fuel requirements, etc.

You must also consider financial exposure to freight rate volatility and counterparty credit risk.

Enuit’s ETRM/CTRM solution, ENTRADE®, can help with all of these risks. Its risk architecture is very robust. Additionally, freight risk captured by ENTRADE® can be incorporated into your company’s overall risk position.