Training and Consulting

ENUIT® provides many services to your organization in order to better prepare for, and make use of, commodity trading and risk management systems, such as ENTRADE®. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff of consultants can help your company define roles and process flows to make your operations more efficient.

Management Training and Consulting

ENUIT® helps its clients to better manage their risk. Combining ENTRADE® CTRM system, we provide trading & risk management training as well as consulting service to implement industry best practice based on company practical situation.

Trading and Risk Management Training

We provide training services for top management, managers as well as junior employees from high level risk framework, policy making, and methodologies to basic guide on system use tailored to different position. It can be delivered either separately or together with system implementation project.

Project Management

To insure that ENTRADE® is tailored just right, our implementation team joins with your employees and advocates the interests of your business. You can expect a team capable of understanding needs and providing solutions in any needs that may develop.

Customizations and Enhancements

ENTRADE's® functionality is easily extended through product enhancements which a client may elect to keep confidential (for instance, an advantageous business process best kept quiet) or incorporated into ENTRADE's® core architecture. However, private customizations become proprietary and have to be re-incorporated with each newer version of ENTRADE® whereas code incorporated directly into the baseline version of ENTRADE® will be simpler to manage when going into newer releases.

Product Implementation

Our implementation methodology maximizes your investment in the products we offer. Typically, implementation projects start with a review of product features and functions essential to the needs of your business process. A project team comprised of members from both sides and assigned with responsibility for:

  • product installation
  • data migration
  • training
  • system interfaces
  • system configuration and setup

Entrade® Product Support

We not only pride ourself in making sure our clients are taken care of, but also we incentivize our employees to make sure this happens. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for ENUIT® and our employees.

Our support desk is on the front lines to provide the very best in customer care. We track each request for service, and commit ourselves to providing a response quickly.

As our customers can readily attest, we won't stop until the job gets done. Our company motto says it best: "We finish well". Give us a chance to show you what we can do for your company.

On Site or Cloud Installation

Let's get you started with ENTRADE®. How do you want ENTRADE® deployed for your company?

Written using Microsoft’s .NET architecture, its Smart-Client application is rich, interactive, and highly scalable because of XML Web Services which can be deployed in N-tier server farms. ENTRADE® can be deployed as a hosted application, or installed on client-owned computing platforms.

On Site

An onsite implementation places the system on your personal servers, completely in your control.


For clients who prefer a lighter hardware footprint, ENTRADE® can be deployed on the "Cloud". With one click of a button, the application is accessible from anywhere.

Technology Training

We want to share our technological know-how with our clients, enabling them to extend ENTRADE® capabilities in whatever direction they wish. Our development framework is a MS .NET C# application, which increases development productivity. Let us show you just how easy application development can be.

Custom Development

We can provide custom software development for new projects. Call us and let us know what your needs are. Because of our experience with developing information databases we can help you quickly resolve your information system with a minimum of cost.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

ENTRADE®can be easily configured to reach into many sources of data simultaneously to generate reportable information, no massive investment in data warehousing projects and system interfaces required.

Application Data Security

ENTRADE® can implement form-based access security and row-level database security for any form or data table within its application’s purview.

Pivot Table Reporting

ENTRADE’s® end-user reporting makes getting information out of ENTRADE® easy. ENTRADE® presents reporting data in a pivot table format so that the data can be filtered, analyzed, sorted, and even exported  to CSV/XML file formats.

Application Form Generator

With a little training and instruction, even non-programmers can develop new application forms within ENTRADE® without having to write a single line of program code.